Feasibility Study





The scope of the Feasibility Study included  Assessing site location issues, Preparing a market analysis, Performing technical analyses, Preparing a Preliminary Environmental and Socio-Economic Impact Assessment (ESIA), Assessing the competitiveness of the Project, Analyzing Project economics, Analyzing Project financing options and structure, and Analyzing Project risks.

Pre-Feasibility Study

Date: 2007

company:Beicip Franlab



present an update of the previous study (configuration analysis for a third Syrian refinery) taking into account the new economic environment, the updated expected petroleum products demand, the new location of the project.

ORBL infrastructure study

Date: 2009


Origin: Iran

Appraisal of the required infrastructure which is needed for the outside refinery battery limit and review the existing facilities which are available in Syria, with a techno-commercial assessment to determine the most economically and operationally effective required infrastructure taking into account the maximum use of available facilities.

Topographic and geotechnical study

Date: 2009

Company: IRAN KHAN

Origin: Iran

The main subject of the study  is topographical mapping of Alfruqlus refinery's site location, field investigation, subsurface exploration, field and laboratory tests, engineering analysis.

Crude assay

Date: 2012

Company: RIPI

Origin: Iran

Comprehensive crude assay for Syrian light and heavy crudes.

Pre-FEED package initiation

Date: 2014

Company: APS

Origin: Italy

Preparing engineering and design for Distillation unit & Tankage Area

Hydrologic study

Date: 2016

Company: GCHS

Origin: Syria

Prepare the study for flood protection facilities of  the refinery area.

Pre-FEED package completion

Date: 2017

Company: ChCE

Origin: Iran

Reviewing prepared documents by APA , as well as the integration of RIPI design performed for licensed and auxiliary units, updating Market and Feasibility studies, preparing Economic, Finance and Risk Analysis, Capital Cost Estimation Class III, this to present the final  Pre-FEED engineering Package, and ITB Document for EPC Phase

Technology Licensor

Dat: 2017

Company: RIPI

Origin: Iran

develop Process Design Package of Al Fruqlus Refinery including 6 license units: Visbreaking (VIS), Diesel Hydrotreater (DHT), Naphtha Hydrotreater (NHT), Naphtha Catalytic Reformer (NCR), Bitumen Blowing (BBU), Sulfur Recovery (SRU), and 3 auxiliary units: Sour Water Stripper (SWS), Light End Recovery (LRU) and Amine Regeneration (ARU).

ESIA study


Company: MVV/CSD

Origin: Germany/Syria

carry out complete Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the project in order to demonstrate that the proposed project is complied with international and Syrian Laws and Standards.

HAZID study

Date: 2017

Company: ICARO/HSE Group

Origin: Italy/Iran

The HAZID (Hazard Identification) Study related to the project “Pre-Feed Engineering Package for Alfruqlus Refinery”, were developed by a multidisciplinary team, coordinated by a third-party consultant, covering main design disciplines, and  were performed with reference to an agreed HAZID check list, applied to the main system including the overall refinery.